In recent times, the habit of radio listening has grown-up leaps and bounds, unraveled the Radio Programme Listenership (RPL) surveys. Radio listeners were more than 95 percent across the socio-economic and demographic classes of the society. The increased number of FM channels has enhanced the number of radio listeners in urban area. The audience are almost five per cent more in urban than rural area. The primary channel of AIR  Bengaluru is predominantly listened in rural areas while the Vividh Bharati and Rainbow are the urban favourites. Assured daily reach of FM Rainbow was almost 45 per cent. It was the No.1 radio channel in Bengaluru. with amazing reach. The daily reach of the channel was more than 50 per cent in any socio-economic class of audience and it is almost uniform, testify the effective media planning of AIR Bengaluru. Significantly, the listeners for the classical music channel, Amruthavarshini, a channel of high class were chiefly from the higher socio-economic classes of the society, whereas the audience for Primary and Vividh Bharati channels were mostly from the middle and lower orders of socio-economic classes.

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